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July 14, 2013

Welcome to JJXO


JJXO originated as therapy for Jeremy Haffner; an emotional release while surviving for countless hours in buses, vans, planes, trains, and taxis while touring around the world with his band Oedipus. Jeremy penned the songs on acoustic bass and pushed them out to like-minded people via flip videos and cell phone recordings.

Collaborating with Stephen Cohen is and always has been a natural fit. Stephen’s mastery of electronic music and Jeremy’s affinity for it led to an instinctive marriage of rhythms, sounds and instruments. In January 2013, Jeremy and Stephen began crafting a variety of songs for an EP under the nebulous eponym JJXO.

Under the explicit intent of working outside the current music system in an effort to create the songs they truly wanted to create, JJXO recorded their debut EP with multiple producers/artists to achieve significant diversity amongst their songs.

JJXO is a DIY project in constant flux, blending the talent and skill of a vast number of talented musical and visual artists, and it is free to you. All JJXO asks is that if you like what you hear and see, please donate to the cause and be a part of the continuation of this process. It Can Be Anything. "♥"

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